M-Press Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Industrial Microwave-, Plasma-, RF- and Control-Systems

Maintenance & Repair

With more than 20 years of experience in the repair and maintenance of industrial microwave and plasma installations we can offer you a fast, efficient and reliable service, minimising your downtimes and maximising your productivity:

Troubleshooting & Repair

With our expertise we can efficiently troubleshoot your problem in a short time, whereby we do not focus only on the microwave or plasma components, but also on the auxiliary components and the process as a whole. This means that you don't have to call different suppliers to get back into production, but can rely on us to solve your problem. This does not only safe time but also money, not even taking the reduced downtime into consideration. Please note that we do not only troubleshoot and repair our own systems, but also the systems from most other suppliers.


In some industries, e.g. the semiconductor industry, maximum system availability is not only important to bring downtimes to a minimum and to increase overall productivity, but also to reduce expensive waste and rejects due to process instabilities. For these industries we can offer maintenance plans tailor-made according to the specific process and plant requirements.

Component Repair

Sometimes faulty components like electronic modules or waveguide components can be repaired at a fraction of the cost which would be required for the replacement with a new component. Furthermore, for obsolete components or components with extremely long delivery times a repair is often the only feasible option to get back into production as quickly as possible. If you have any requirements please contact us, so that we can supply you with a quotation for a repair / overhaul.

Magnetron Rebuild

For certain high-power Magnetron tubes it is possible to rebuild / repair them after they reached the end of their service life. Because rebuild Magnetrons have usually the same service life expectation as new Magnetrons and rebuilding is usually possible several times, this option can save a considerable part of your regular maintenance cost. If you are interested in rebuilding your Magnetrons, please let us know what type of Magnetron you are using and we will check the availability and pricing of a rebuild for you.