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Reactive Ion Applicators

With the reactive ion applicators from Muegge-R3T we are able to offer you the latest technological advances in reactive ion etching. While the different systems available are all optimised for their specific applications, they all combine compact design, low cost of ownership, minimum maintenance, ease of use and highest productivity.

SU-8 stripping tool MA3000D-231BB (STP 2020)

MEMS gears

Our reactive ion applicator MA3000D-231BB, formerly known as STP 2020, is optimised for the fast stripping of thick layers of photorsists like SU-8 and other polymers, a process typically used in the production of MEMS. While it is most likely the only tool on the market which enables the fast dry-etching of thick SU-8 photoresist layers, at the same time it guarentees a very high selectivity. It also offers the following features:

For more information please download / view the MA3000D-231BB flyer.

Silicon etcher tool MA3000D-181BB (SAN 1010)

Silicon wafer

Our reactive ion applicator MA3000D-181BB, formerly known as SAN 1010, is optimised for backend applications in the semiconductors industry like stress relief etching after grinding and recess etching for the "Through Silicon Via Technology" (3D-integration). Due to the remote plasma source (RPS) design there is no thermal stress or even damage caused by hot ions, instead etching takes place exclusively via very homogenously distributed radicals. It offers the following features:

For more information please download / view the MA3000D-181BB flyer.

Plasma decapsulation tool MA3000D-151BB (STP 2005)

Chip decapsulation

Our reactive ion applicator MA3000D-151BB, formerly known as STP 2005, is optimised for the fast etching of mould compounds like epoxy and polyimide to open microchips without attacking the sensitive wiring. It is therefore very well suited for regular quality checks as well as for fast failure analysis in case the reject rate should suddenly increase. It offers the following features:

For more information please download / view the MA3000D-151BB flyer.

Compact decapsulation tool MA1250D-114BB

DeCap Compact

Our reactive ion applicator MA1250D-114BB, also called "DeCap Compact", is basically the downsized table-top version of our reactive ion applicator MA3000D-151BB. While it only offers a maximum of 1000 W of microwave power for the remote plasma source, compared to the 3000 W of the MA3000D-151BB, its smaller working area means that the high etching rate of 0.2 mm per hour can almost be maintained. A further important advantage of the MA1250D-114BB is the, compared to the MA3000D-151BB, considerably lower investment. Our "DeCap Compact" is therefore the ideal solution for smaller fabs, R&D labs, university institutes or service providers which do not need to run such an applicator 24/7 or can live with the somewhat reduced working area and throughput.

For more information please download / view the MA1250D-114BB flyer.

Reactive ion etching support

In case you need our support in finding the optimum reactive ion applicator for your specific application please contact us. Please note that we also offer a wide range of plasma & ion sources, which can be integrated into your application specific design.