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Second hand rubber machinery

Due to our long-standing relationship with DEGUMA Schütz GmbH we are able to offer you a full range of used machinery for the processing of rubber and plastic. DEGUMA is well known for being able to modernize, upgrade, and completely rebuild used rubber and plastic machinery, offering you machines in top condition but at a fraction of the price when compared to new equipment. Purchasing this equipment through us gives you the advantage to have full technical support right at your fingertips, not only when it comes to microwave systems like continuous vulcanisation lines or preheating equipment, but also for plants like extruders, hot air tunnels, internal mixers, injection presses etc. Please note that we also offer a complete range of services including maintenance, troubleshooting, repair etc for the equipment from the following manufacturers:

Especially when it comes to equipment from obsolete manufacturers we can support you with spare parts, repair and upgrading of your existing machinery, saving you the investment which would be required for the purchase of new machines.

If you have any requirements for top-quality second hand rubber and plastic processing equipment or are interested in the service or repair of your existing equipment please contact us.