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Leakage Detectors

Leakage detector From a certain energy level onwards, microwave radiation poses a danger to human health, please also refer to the information about microwave & health. For this reason most countries enforce very strict limits on the maximum allowable energy density of microwave radiation in areas accessible by humans (While the permissible limits vary from country, they are usually in the range of 2...5 mW / cm²). In order to meet these limits and to protect your personal and yourself from dangerous levels of radiation it is therefore important to check your microwave installations on a regular basis, in order to detect and remove any sources of excessive leakage. Typical sources of excessive leakage are inlets, outlets and covers of continuous microwave vulcanisation lines, door seals of treatment chambers, connections / flanges in waveguide systems etc.

In order to provide the optimum solution for your safety requirements, we offer 2 different types microwave leakage detectors:

Microwave leakage meters

These hand-held devices, also known as "Survey Meters", are portable and the ideal solution for bigger plants and installations where microwave leakage could occur at different locations, e.g. continuous microwave vulcanisation lines etc. They are used to perform manual checks on a regular base.

Microwave leakage detectors

These detectors are designed for fixed installation in critical areas, e.g. around the door seal of treatment chambers or at automated inlet / outlet gates. They are usually connected to the control system of the microwave generators and will cut off the microwave energy in case the permitted limit is exceeded.

Please note that leakage detectors are available for different microwave frequencies, e.g. 2450 MHz and 915 MHz. For additional information about our leakage detectors please contact us.