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Microwave Generators

Microwave generators

Microwave generators are complete systems containing all required components (Power supply, Magnetron, launcher, circulator, control system etc.) in a single, compact enclosure. In order to put them into operation it is only required to connect the external waveguide, electrical mains connection, cooling water connections and optional fieldbus interface. They are therefore fast and easy to change, thus ensuring maximum uptime for critical applications. Our microwave generators are available with output frequencies of 915 MHz (896 MHz and 922 MHz optional) and 2450 MHz (2.45 GHz) and different types of power supplies in order to match them optimally to the application at hand.

Microwave generators 915 MHz

Microwave generators 2450 MHz

Should you have any special requirements not listed here or be interested in microwave generators with an output frequency of 5800 MHz please contact us.