M-Press Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Industrial Microwave-, Plasma-, RF- and Control-Systems


Our technology partner, MUEGGE GmbH, is not only one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial microwave and plasma systems, but also the one with the broadest portfolio in the industry, serving customers from various industries since several decades. Furthermore, besides developing new innovative systems and applications in their own R & D department, they also work together with well renown universities and research facilities, therefore keeping closely in touch with the newest developments in this sector. They therefore do not only have a very broad knowledge in already well-proven applications, but also in cutting-edge technologies and how to turn them into efficient and highly competitive production processes.

If you are currently looking into how to improve your existing production to make it more efficient, or if you are planing to use a newly developed application or process to manufacture your own products in order to stay ahead of your competition, we can consult you how to implement the required technology into your production process. This ensures that you will reach your targets within the projected time and at reasonable cost, without the risk of investing into equipment which will not perform to your expectations. Depending on the project at hand and your actual requirements, we can offer you basic consultancy on which technology and components to use, detailed consultancy on the overall manufacturing process or complete project management, beginning from the basic design all the way to the start-up of your production.

So should you currently require professional consultancy services for your application please contact us.