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Our Partners

Below you can find some basic information about our business partners, for detailed information please visit their respective websites:


MUEGGE GmbH (formerly known as MUEGGE Electronic GmbH) is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of microwave- and plasma-technology. Based on decades of experience, MUEGGE GmbH develops innovative and unique systems for the efficient manufacturing of high-end products, not only based on their own R & D department, but also in close collaboration with international well renown research institutes and universities. Besides offering one of the broadest application portfolios in the industry, in-house design and manufacturing of the major components ensure outstanding performance and reliability at a very competitive price. Based on their excellent expertise in various applications, together with them we can not only offer you high-quality components, systems and plants, but also consultancy services for the improvement of existing or the design of new processes and applications, with the added advantage of local support at your fingertips.

For further information about MUEGGE GmbH please visit www.muegge.de

DEGUMA Schütz GmbH:

DEGUMA Schütz GmbH is a world leader in the reconditioning and modernisation of machines for the rubber and plastic industry. While in the case of rubber machinery we are mainly focused on microwave (UHF) vulcanisation tunnels, we also service, troubleshoot and repair the auxiliary equipment, e.g. extruders, hot air channels, cutting machines etc. With DEGUMA Schütz GmbH as our partner we can offer our customers machines in top condition, but at a fraction of the price compared to new equipment. Machinery offered by DEGUMA includes compounding equipment (e.g. Internal Mixers, Kneaders, Banburies, Mixing Mills, Batch-Off Lines), extruders (e.g. Cold Feed, Warm Feed, Pin Type, Roller Head / Roller Die, Vacuum Extruders, Dump Extruders), extrusion equipment (e.g. Complete Extrusion Lines, Microwave Tunnels, Hot Air Tunnels, Infra-red Tunnels, Cooling Tunnels, Caterpillars, Flocking Machines, Cutting Machines, Conveyors, Winding / Unwinding Machines), presses (e.g. Upstroke, Downstroke, Multi-Daylight, Compression Moulding, Transfer Moulding, Injection Moulding, Vulcanisation) and other equipment (e.g. Rotocures, Autoclaves, Calenders, Granulators, Heating Ovens, Laboratory Equipment). If you are looking for any of the equipment listed above or should you require any technical support please feel free to contact us.

For further information about DEGUMA Schütz GmbH please visit www.deguma.com


While not directly related to our core business, IP SEVERONE is one of the top ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in Malaysia and our reliable and trusted partner of many years. Besides offering standard solutions like web-hosting, set-up and maintenance of email servers, shared, co-located and dedicated servers etc, IP SEVRERONE also offers services not available from other ISPs, for example tailor-made cloud storage and backup solutions, or secured on-line access to vital production data and process parameters. With maximum security in mind, IP SERVERONE will use the latest technologies to ensure that your key personal can access, analyse and correct vital information and data at any time, from anywhere in the world. Should you have special requirements not available from standard software packages or your current ISP, then contact IP SERVERONE and ask them to offer you a solution for your problem.

For further information about IP SERVERONE SOLUTIONS Sdn. Bhd. please visit www.ipserverone.com